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Strike Point Graphic Design and Printing started in its own right back in 2003 when we produced the first ArtsouthWA Art and Craft trail. This year we prepared and printed the 20th edition. 20 years is a long time in business and we are so proud to have gone the distance and lasted so long. This year, 2023, Strike Point closed its doors and has wound down the business. We are still assisting existing clients with their promotional and stationery printing, but are no longer printing in house labels, posters or documents. Rachael is still happy to organise any large scale printing that you may have, and as you can imagine after 20 years in business, she has some amazing contacts and wholesaler with whom she has developed fabulous relationships and can still obtain excellent pricing and quality. By large scale, we mean 500 or more brochures or flyers, any quantity of business cards over 250, and any booklet or pamphlet printing you may need.

We know what we are doing and what the printers need, and our relationships enable us to access very reasonable pricing.

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